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Emotional Intelligence: People and Logic

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is classically categorized as one’s self awareness, awareness of how others think and feel, then being able to use that awareness to move others.

People Skills and Communication

Failure to understand a client or colleague’s perspective in a highly collaborative environment can be costly. Therefore, team members must be able to put themselves in client’s, colleague’s and the company’s shoes in order to see business objectives from all perspectives. This ability to empathize with others allows emotionally intelligent employees to effectively solve problems and drive your most critical business outcomes.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

You need fast starters and problem solvers who can think outside the box, who understand and process new technologies lightning fast.

Folks who can troubleshoot problems creatively are the fuel that propel your business forward. We’ve extracted the most highly correlated measures from logic and IQ tests to determine those who have these skills that will enable them to continue moving your business forward.

Download a sample report

View an example of our People & Logic Ability sample report.

People and Logic Competencies

Ever hired someone who seemed great in an interview but didn’t know how to handle people or complex problems on the job? Most application and interview questions are too abstract and sudden for candidates to show their true colors. Our assessments measure straight and to the point an applicant’s problem solving and people skills.

And when selecting well-rounded candidates, finding those with the correct balance between the two is critical to business success. Our Individual Contributor Ability test (IC Ability) measures these Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Ability, breaking these concepts down into individual traits to help you determine if a candidate will become a top performer.

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