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Pre-Employment Testing Improves Poor Hiring Practices and Saves Money

Young people standing in a row, the camera panned from the waist down.

Address Poor Hiring Practices

The cost of hiring, on-boarding, and turnover have huge hidden costs to businesses. Hiring and on-boarding talent often takes a substantial amount of time and the time dedicated to this process is extremely costly. Even more so when a hire goes wrong.

Every day your business has an unfilled position or an under performing employee sitting in a key role, you are risking losing new sales opportunities, experience reduced capacity to produce or deliver your products and services, and increased cost to support your clients. All of these factors result in reduced profitability and overall business growth. The longer this continues, the more cost is expended and more the losses compound.

Using pre employment tests to screen out candidates who don’t make the cut, or who are not up to par with your requirements, allows you to dodge a bullet with limited time and financial investment, freeing you up to focus on candidates who do meet your standards. Testing that measures candidate characteristics like people skills, logic, critical thinking and work style helps identify the skills and aptitudes that you know are a fit for your position, allowing you to make more informed decisions with those candidates you know will make an impact.