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Accuracy of Results

This is one of the most misunderstood categories and yet also among the most important.

This category is not an indication of how good the candidate is. Instead it measures how honestly and consistently the candidate filled in the assessment.

  • If the candidate has been honest and consistent in completing the assessment then you can depend on the results and there is less need for interviewing.
  • However, if there is dishonesty, inconsistency, exaggeration, or illiteracy then the results will only give you a flavor of the candidate and further interviewing will be very important.

If the candidate has also done either the IC People & Logic Ability test or the Sales, People & Logic Ability test, then you already have some very reliable competency results because those tests cannot be exaggerated on. In fact you want candidates on those tests to do their best to select the right answers. On this behavioral assessment, you are mostly looking for candidates to respond with their personal preferences and emotional comfort zones.

Even if the candidate does exaggerate on filling in this assessment, as measured by their Assessment Honesty score, the results have been adjusted down.  However, if the candidate is brutally honest when filling in this assessment then the results have been adjusted up. The ideal is somewhere in between for the most reliable results.

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