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Testing Serves as a Guide for Employee Development

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Blueprint to Employee Development 

Researchers have found that pre-employment assessments can predict a candidate’s future performance at work and employees who have the desirable personality traits for a position, including strong levels of motivation, empathy, and self-confidence have been shown to perform better in the workplace when compared to those who don’t. Regardless of the position, these qualities are essential in predicting whether employees will be able to stay on task, present a positive attitude towards their jobs, and perform effectively.

During the on-boarding phase, HR leaders can use the information gleaned from pre-employment assessments to target these areas where an employee might need improvement.

In addition to being a tool used to help assess for hiring, an employee’s test results can also serve as a starting point for improving their performance and creating smart goals to increase productivity over the duration of their career. Because assessments highlight both current level of ability with skill and competence testing, employers and employees have a unique opportunity to review these areas for underdeveloped skills and use this information to create performance management plans for employee development and improvement.