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Have an excellent product or service but can’t seem to grab a prospective client’s’ attention? When you’re constantly innovating and managing, self­sufficient and ambitious salespeople are a Godsend ­ but they’re tough to identify right off the bat.

It’s always tricky to hire the right salespeople ­ consistent closers, hungry hunters, and excellent relationship builders who will understand business and client needs. Using our specialized Sales Ability Test, you can see each candidate’s individual breakdown of every skill that will ultimately lead to new deals.

Applied Emotional Intelligence: People Skills

We all want employees who are effective at dealing with others. This is often referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Top ­tier sales people have the unique ability to see and understand their perspective clients point of view allowing them to move prospects effectively through a sales cycle through to a close.

Hiring salespeople with strong emotional intelligence allows your company to close more dynamic deals and drive bottom line revenues.

We measure:

  • Understanding human nature
  • Knowing how to deal with others
  • Direct/Boldness
  • Managing Fear
  • Humble
  • Questioner
  • Listener
  • Assertiveness


Salespeople are often the crux of a business. They drive the development of new business and profits.

If you need sales reps with well developed sales skills then this tool is for you. Combine it with our Behavioral Sales Aptitude assessments to predict who your next sales superstar will be.

We measure:

  • General sales knowledge
  • Sales management
  • Relationship
  • Building/Sales
  • Solution selling
  • Closer
  • Hunter
  • Questioner
  • Listener
  • Assertiveness
  • Managing Fear

Critical Thinking and Logic

Need salespeople who can navigate complex sales situations selling technical

Sales people historically gravitate to these jobs because they are not technical superstars. Hiring salespeople who both understand how others operate and can handle dynamic complex sales environments can be the difference between elevated revenue growth or flat line
year over year sales.

We measure:

  • Discernment
  • Recognize similar types of subtle details from dissimilar ones
  • Draw conclusions
  • Figure out a complete picture from pieces of information
  • Unusual logic
  • See outside of the box
  • Come up with creative solutions to challenges

Sales Behavioral Aptitude Assessment Test (SL Aptitude)

Top sales people have a natural talent for connecting with others and being competitive. Finding people who embody the key relationship building and competitiveness needed to be successful in sales can be difficult. Some have it and some don’t. When hiring an entry level or seasoned veteran in sales, use our test to find those who have the fire and passion for sales.

This pre­employment test nails the key behaviors need to be successful in sales. Most sales people lack the drive to push forward through a range of prospect objections. Use this pre­employment test to hire those with the highest potential to succeed in aggressive, relationship based sales or entry level sales.


Why does attitude matter?

Skilled and talented employees can secretly be toxic problem generators who will disrupt your team culture. Have team members ever complained about talented terrors with these traits?

  • Combative
  • Pushing their own agenda
  • Engaged in counterproductive office politics
  • Unreliable, shows up late or calls out often
  • Argumentative
  • Doesn’t complete assigned duties despite repeated accountability actions
  • Inflexible, unwilling to try new things or cooperate with corporate changes

Our Attitude and Integrity Section highlights key traits that will help you prevent hiring HR nightmares. See a sample report below ­and try a test out today!

Emotional Competencies

Why do emotional competencies matter?

Feel like you’re missing out on hidden rock stars? In sales we need hungry, motivated work horses who stop for nothing but success and conquering the world. These can be difficult qualities to obtain from a typical interview. Of course candidates will tell you how motivated they are when looking for a job, but determining the ones who really have the fire in their belly is difficult.

Measuring Emotional Competencies will help you identify truly motivated sales professionals by focusing in on the core intangible qualities hard to interview for.

  • Motivation –­ Inner drive and fire required that fuel the most successful salespeople
  • Self Confidence­ – The best sales people believe they can conquer any challenge
  • Communication Skills­ – Stellar communication skills are required for high profit sales execution
  • Work Ethic / Ability to Apply – ­ Strong sales people are willing to put the time and work into driving profits
  • Focus – Laser-­like attention on the host of competing tasks that often face sales professionals daily. Those who have it are able to filter out the more unimportant tasks and tackle the profitable ones they face.

Employees with stronger emotional competencies are better prepared and equipped to deal with challenges presented to them, and have a better sense of self and awareness of others. Don’t lose out on another top employee check out the sample report and get a free test now!

Work Personality

What are working styles and why do they matter?

Putting employees in roles where they have the most potential to capitalize on their natural strengths, preferences and favorite work activities is key to getting the most from new hires. People who have a passion for the work they do are more dedicate, stay longer, and more inclined to excel in their work activities.

Our personality test profiles assess against four personality quadrants, highlighting a candidate’s dominant type.

The 4 Major Personality Types

Analyzer/Logical Quadrant

This personality style encompasses a comfort and interest in organization, detail work, and willingness to deal with and confront paperwork.

Positions you want these people to be in your organization:

  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Administrators or clerical workers
  • Programmers
  • Software Developers
  • IT
  • Operations managers
  • Technical managers

Controller/Assertive Quadrant

This personality style encompasses a comfort in leading and being in charge, confronting others, getting things done their way, winning, being assertive, competitive, and persuasive.

Positions you want these people to be in your organization:

  • Leaders­ CEO’s, VP’s, Presidents
  • Managers
  • Front­line supervisors
  • Operations managers
  • Technical managers
  • Multiple­unit business owners
  • Persuasive sales

Supporter/Empathy Quadrant

This personality style encompasses a comfort and interest in listening, supporting, being patient, and appreciating others.

Positions you want these people to be in your organization:

  • Caretakers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Nursing
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Social workers and therapists

Expressive/Social Quadrant

This personality encompasses a comfort and interest in socializing, talking, spontaneity, extraversion, being fashionable, and having fun.

Positions you want these people to be in your organization:

  • Sales
  • Marketers
  • Teachers
  • Politicians
  • Public relations
  • Customer Service

Our Sales Ability and SL Aptitude assessments are most predictive when used together.

Let us know what types of sales and leadership roles you’re hiring for and try a demo of our assessment battery out today!