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Analyzing hiring trends

Time to hire is a critical part of the hiring process as it can make or break an offer. The faster a company can fill an open position, the less time and money is spent, and the more productivity is salvaged.

Several factors contribute to a hiring company’s ability to fill jobs fast, including:

  • The job market and available talent
  • The attractiveness of the opportunity/hiring company
  • The speed at which the candidate moves through each step
  • Factors of the assessment process like pre-hire testing, reference-checking, and background checks

The longer a job sits open, the more money and resources are expended to fill that job. Glassdoor estimates that the average length of a hiring process is roughly 24 days, with variations across industries and positions where higher-level positions usually take up the most time at 45 or so days.

Oftentimes the lengthiest part of the hiring process is the time between a first interview and an accepted offer, otherwise known as the screening phase, because of the increased use of background checks and assessment testing. According to Glassdoor, the types of screening companies employ during the interview phases can account for as much as twice the hiring delay as other factors like location, industry, and title.

Since reference checking falls into the screening category, wouldn’t it be nice to utilize a tool that helps accelerate this part of the process? Reference checking is one of the best ways to validate a candidate’s abilities and likelihood of success on the job, and with ReferenceHunter, it’s now possible to automate the reference-checking process in a matter of hours compared to investing days at a time.

ReferenceHunter goes to work immediately to contact a candidate’s references once you provide the tool with the target reference’s information. To set up your questionnaire, you’re able to select from a database of pre-made questionnaires with common reference questions, or if you have your own specific questions, create a custom questionnaire. The tool then contacts the references by phone, email, and text, allowing your candidate’s references to confidentially provide feedback in a way that works best for them, and at their convenience.

Just like assessments and in-depth interviews, checking references improves employee retention, increases engagement through the screening phase, and improves the overall candidate experience. Automating the process makes it more effective, efficient, and precise as well as helps you reduce your time to hire and speeds up process by reducing time needed to collect, contact, and leave messages for references.

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