Copperleaf Technologies reduces company loss

Case Studies Copperleaf Technologies reduces company loss
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Copperleaf Technologies employs 200 people within the Technology/Big Data sector. They primarily deal with hiring enterprise level sales staff.

Because Copperleaf invests a large amount of time and money in their sales team, if a team member leaves after 6 months, the company retains a loss from the training salary that was issued to the employee, the time spent training the staff member that could have been spent producing income, as well as the loss from the unfulfilled goals within that time frame.

The Vice President of Sales set up an account with The Hire Talent in order to use assessments when hiring for Sales, Administrative Assistants and Customer service positions. After seeing the results, The Human Resources Director began using the assessment tools for hiring employees within the rest of the company. Implementing took almost a year, however, it is now a fundamental part of their hiring process throughout the company.