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Hiring temporary workers has become more common in recent years. They are great for short term projects and to cover key roles while looking for a full time replacement. If your company is thinking about turning to temp workers for the sake of budget, efficiency, or as a means of trying out possible permanent hires, there are a few things to take note of.

The following tips and notes of caution will help you get the most of hiring temp workers.

Temporary workers require somewhat different handling than permanent hires. If you use a temp agency, make sure they understand your needs. Temporary workers require careful contract negotiations, whether you use a temp agency, recruiting firm, or go your own way.

One benefit of temporary workers is cost. These hires are usually cheaper in wage/salary and you save on long-term costs and employee benefits. This isn’t a license to offer the cheapest wage you can; you are still trying to attract serious individuals who will consider working hard worth their while. Make sure you have a solid understanding of when and how workers will be paid through any temporary agency to avoid legal issues.

One difficulty may be acclimation and training. Temporary employees may be less invested in learning to do their job well. If you are doing the hiring, treat the process seriously to guard against workers who won’t make the most of the opportunity. Consider training needs and make sure there is a plan in place for acclimating temporary employees.

Note that special care must be taken with any potentially hazardous work. Temporary employees are more vulnerable to injury and mistakes if they lack preparation.

Temporary employees also allow you the chance to look closely at potential permanent hires for future openings. Don’t make false promises about the possibility of permanent hiring if it doesn’t exist.

Make sure temporary agencies and recruiters understand your needs and company culture.This applies to anyone trusted with finding and sending candidates to you, whether for interviews or for immediate work. Provide them with good job descriptions, any company culture notes, and other relevant information.

Whether or not you engage temporary agencies or outside recruiters is up to you. Analyze the cost and above all the time involved. By outsourcing, you may save time but lose some choice. By hiring temp workers yourself, you need to devote suitable kind to finding the right people. If you seriously expect to consider them for permanent positions, be prepared to handle the shift in responsibility once that occurs.

Get all the information you need from agencies before workers start. This includes copies of their resumes and skills tests.

Temporary workers can be a great solution to your staffing needs. However, make sure you do it right. Read resumes of recommended candidates and don’t neglect good interviews if you’re hiring on your own. Understand all contracts thoroughly, have a plan for acclimating temporary workers, and provide third parties with quality information about the position, your company, and your expectations.

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