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Our Matrix Reasoning Test Identifies People with the Best Visual-Spatial Problem Solving Ability

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"Swear by their pre-employment assessments. I'm learning to NOT hire without using these tests and trusting them completely. If you're looking for the top candidates, this will certainly help weed out those not in the higher tiers"  - 5/5 star verified Trustpilot review

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Consistently Hire Intelligent Candidates

Our Matrix Reasoning Test Find Candidates with Great Visual Spacial Problem Solving

Candidates who Score Well on This Test:

  • Understand the relationships between objects and systems
  • Visualize different scenarios and outcomes
  • Best Process Visual Information

The Matrix Reasoning Test measures a candidate’s overall intelligence using visual-spatial problem-solving questions.

How the Test is scored

  1. Accuracy of responses to questions
  2. The time it took to complete the test

Use the Matrix Reasoning Test in any position that requires an overall intelligent candidate

Positions we've seen success with

  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Roles
  • Project Managers

& Countless More

Average Time to Complete

20 minutes to complete on average.

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Test Time

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