Big 5 Personality Test

Learn how your employees and candidates:

  • React to learning new things and new experiences
  • How organized, prepared, and detail-oriented your candidates are.
  • If they are comfortable talking to and meeting new people or are more reserved
  • If they seek social harmony and will avoid confrontation
  • How worrisome, anxious, or depressed they tend to get

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 Our Big 5 Personality Test analyzes candidates on 5 traits that very strongly predict on the job performance and team collaboration.

Use the Big 5 Personality Test on any employee or candidate to learn about their unique personality traits and how it will impact their performance in your workplace.

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Test Time

Test length is 5-10 minutes


Test length is 5-10 minutes


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Our Big 5 Personality Test can analyze a candidate or employee’s personality in 10 to 15 minutes.

Score Candidate on the Big 5 Personality Traits

Predict team collaboration and workplace performance

Avoid Costly Mishires (0.5x to 2x annual salary on average)

Available in English and Spanish

Send assessments at your discrepancy with our online portal

Only 10-15 minutes to complete the test

Click a link and take the test, no confusing logins

Easily interpreted test results

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Send candidates or existing employees a testing link via our easy to access online portal.

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Identify your top performers and make the best hiring decisions.