Discover How your Candidate's Integrity Will Affect Their Behavior at Your Organization

Hire Candidates who are open to learning, honest, and take responsibility.

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"Swear by their pre-employment assessments. I'm learning to NOT hire without using these tests and trusting them completely. If you're looking for the top candidates, this will certainly help weed out those not in the higher tiers"  - 5/5 star verified Trustpilot review

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Measure Any Candidate's Integrity and Character

A Person's Integrity Influences All Their Actions

Our Integrity test reveals which candidates & employees:

  • Defensive and critical of others
  • Optimistic or pessimistic
  • Take responsibility or blame others
  • Tell the Truth, even if it results in a negative consequence
  • Follow priorities from management and team leaders

The Integrity Test measures a candidate’s integrity by asking a combination of behavioral, situational, and straight forward questions.

How the Test is scored

  1. Each response attributes points towards specific integrity traits
  2. There are no wrong and right answers, it's a behavioral test
  3. Consistency in responses is closely measured to prevent lying on testing

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Our Integrity Test is universally useful for roles that require an honest and responsible person.

Average Time to Complete

This test takes 10-15 minutes to complete on average.

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10-15 min Avg Test Length


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