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Measure Any Candidate's Personality, Behavior, & Attitude

Hire Honest Team Players

Our predictor profile test reveals which candidates & employees:

  • Have the right personality fit, aka they'll enjoy the job
  • Hard-working and motivated to produce
  • Strong integrity & positive attitude

The Predictor Profile Test asks situational, behavioral, and straight forward questions to get a highly accurate overall analysis of a candidate.

How the Test is scored

  1. Each response attributes points towards specific personality & behavioral traits
  2. There are no wrong and right answers, it's a behavioral test
  3. Consistency in responses is closely measured to prevent lying on testing

Recommend for:

  • Administrative job roles
  • Interpersonal job roles
  • Analytical job roles

Trends in the personality traits of top performers exist for any job role, making personality testing universally useful.

Average Time to Complete

This test takes 30-40 minutes to complete on average.

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30-40 min Avg Test Length


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