Learn how your employees and candidates:

  • Perform mathematical functions at a high level
  • Identify candidates who can accurately deal with numbers and math

Our Math Test will identify the candidates with the strongest simple or complex math skills. We can accommodate for all levels.

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Use the Math Test test to hire for positions that require strong mathematical knowledge to perform well

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Our Math test will measure your candidates ability to perform mathematical calculations at your desired level.

Measure overall mathematical ability

Test various levels of maths knowledge

Hire the most intelligent candidates

Avoid costly mishires (0.5x to 2x annual salary on average)

Send assessments at your discrepancy with our online portal

In depth math ability test

Click a link and take the test, no confusing logins

Easily interpreted test results

Free hiring consulting on assessment analysis and best use

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How it Works

Step One

Send candidates or existing employees a testing link via our easy to access online portal.

Step Two

Check the assessment results on the online portal or receive them directly to your email inbox.

Step Three

Identify your top performers and make the best hiring decisions.