A 10-Minute Phone Screen is All You Need

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How to Eliminate Nightmare Candidates Quickly with a 10-Minute Phone Screen Phone screens provide a unique opportunity to assessing candidates that in-person interviews do not. During a phone screen, you are relying on only the voice on the other end of the line and not as many other cues that in-person interviews provide. This enables … Read More

The Givers and The Takers

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Well, which is it? Are you a giver or a taker? This particular issue of “Givers” vs. “Takers” is one we grapple with everyday for clients. We all love the “Givers” but struggle to help them reach their optimal effectiveness.  The “Takers” sometimes seem like rock stars to later discover a tremendous amount of damage and … Read More

Education VS. Experience | What Do Employers Want?

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The  Education vs. Experience debate has been a hot topic facing college graduates as they complete their degrees and flood into the workforce looking for, oftentimes, the first “real job” of their adult lives. What Employers Want Nine out of ten times, employers want to see real-world, hands-on work experience. Whether a student is just graduating … Read More

Job Ads That Will Attract the Candidates You Want

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Job Descriptions and Job Ads: A Tale of Two Documents Description Prescription Job descriptions and Job Advertisements may sound like the same thing at first, but they (should) contain very different pieces of information and are generally written a bit differently from each other. A job description serves as a formal document that describes a … Read More

4 Steps to Combat Hiring Apathy

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As business leaders, we all claim to want the best talent on our team. We tout impressive benefits, great working conditions, and a strong desire to only staff our team with winners. It is no secret that bad employees not only drain company resources, they can also hurt sales efforts and damage relationships with internal and … Read More

Contacting Rejected Candidates

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Rejecting candidates isn’t an employer’s most favorite thing to do, but as a leader, it is a necessary part of the business. There are many different ways to go about contacting rejected candidates, and some are better than others. Decide which approach is right for you when it comes time to deliver the news. Rejecting … Read More

Employee Performance Reviews

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Employee performance reviews are an important part of effective management. Every business can benefit from the process. However, advanced planning is needed in order to achieve results. You must prepare for the reviews and have a basic plan for conducting them. Performance reviews are most useful and beneficial if you take care to outline goals, … Read More