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How HR Experts Do It

Reference Checking: How HR Experts Do It

See the reference checking method that predicted productivity for 25,000 new hires. Reference checking has been standard hiring practice for…

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Candidate Reference Checking Guide

We wrote the (e)Book on Reference Checking Is your candidate as great as they seem? If this eBook doesn’t help…

HT 21

Ep. 9: Does Your Candidate Leave the Toilet Seat Up? The Importance of Checking A Candidate’s References

Checking references is your goldmine for verifying a potential employee’s performance and fit for your job. In a reference check,…

Optimizing a recruiting budget

5 ways to Predict Honesty with Questions to Ask References

Looking to hire an honest employee?  Who isn’t! If there was a way to predict someone’s honesty before you hired…

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Confidentiality and Reference Checking: What You Need to Know

Reference checking has long been accepted as a go-to method for verifying a prospective candidate’s employment. But what about identifying…