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5 Traits to Be Aware Of When Hiring

Pre-employment testing is good for a handful of reasons; it allows you as the employer to determine whether your potential candidate has the necessary skills to do the job. It also allows you to understand more about your candidate’s personality and behavioral preferences- are they shy and reserved? Do they tend to be the life of the party? Or are they analytical, process-oriented, and like solving problems? Pre-employment assessments provide deeper insights that allow you to make an even more informed hiring decision about a candidate than you would be able to by just relying on a review of their resume or interview alone.

Interview Insights

You can probably determine at least a bit about a candidate’s suitability for a job by interviewing them and learning about how they’ve done in previous positions. Have they been in the same industry for a while and achieved several promotions along the way? If not, perhaps this says something about their skills or aptitude. One of the most crucial revelations of behavioral-based pre-employment assessment tests is that they give you insight into a candidate’s attitude and integrity. Sometimes you can pick out attitude issues in an interview, but more often than not, these things tend to stay hidden under the surface, even after hiring a new employee, until the honeymoon period wears off.

The value in pre-hire testing for attitude is that these tests reveal any red flags before you invest in a new employee, saving you potentially thousands of dollars. All financial investment aside, this is important because attitude problems not only are a burden on you as a manager who has to manage your employee, but they can (and will) infect your entire organization, including your other employees and clients. Imagine dropping a medicine dropper-sized amount of black ink into a cup of water. It doesn’t take long for that ink to spread and color the entire cup of water black. That’s what it’s like when you employ someone with a bad attitude.

Here are some ways a bad attitude shows up on your team:

  1. Critical: Your employee is overly critical of rules, suggestions, and even of other employees on the team. This pairs nicely with…
  2. Negative: Your employee sees the glass as half empty much of the time, preventing him from considering new ways to solve problems or trying new things. When critical and negative attitude traits are combined, it can be challenging to overcome these characteristics in your employees, and often makes them difficult to manage because there’s always something wrong.
  3. Blame: An employee with blame issues lacks personal responsibility. He doesn’t recognize that his actions have consequences and thus blames others for the events that occur in his life. This presents a challenge because your employee will never be able to take ownership for their own work, their contribution, or even the impact they have on their team.
  4. Unsupportive: Your employee thinks he knows better and knows more. He doesn’t like following the rules or your directions and will often argue back about everything. As you can imagine, having to manage employees with unsupportive traits is likely to feel like an uphill battle at every turn. The poisonous part about an unsupportive employee is that they wrangle others on the team into their unsupportive arena, complaining about the boss, staging an emotional mutiny, and thus threatening the fabric of your culture.
  5. Dishonesty: Without explanation, dishonesty is a problem when you can’t trust if your employee really did complete that report and turn it over to clients like he said he did. When you ask about it, you never really get anything except a handful of excuses and leave even more confused.

Wouldn’t it be great to test a potential mate for attitude before getting into a relationship? Well we don’t do that here, but we can offer you the next best thing, which is to test your candidates before hiring them. The investment is worth the expense and is definitely less expensive and stressful than dealing with employees who have attitude problems.

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