Hiring for Unfamiliar or Specialized Positions

Setting Expectations Hiring for Unfamiliar or Specialized Positions

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As your business grows, you will find yourself in need of employees who have specialized knowledge. Almost every position has some special knowledge or technique, but these specialized positions and unfamiliar roles typically require more extensive training, education, or experience.

Do some extra research when hiring for a position you’re not familiar with. You surely know the overall function of the position, but getting a general overview of the special aspects will benefit you.

Do Some Research

You probably don’t have the time or the inclination to do extensive research on each specialized position. The main goal is to help you understand the types of qualifications you need to look for. Use your knowledge as a basis for talking with employees who can help you with the hiring process. Research can also help you gauge what you should be sure to ask in an interview.

Group Interviews

If you are very unfamiliar with some very important aspects of the specialized positions or unfamiliar role, you may want to do a group interview. An employee who is skilled in the relevant areas can ask important technical questions while you focus on your usual (and insightful) interview queries.

Your interview preparation is of heightened importance when hiring for a position you yourself are not familiar with.

Recognize the Importance of Universal Skills

Whatever the position, some key skills are essential for a truly productive, successful hire. Even candidates who will work in relative isolation should have adequate social skills, for example.

Remember: ability to perform the tasks of the job – its essential responsibilities — is paramount. A good candidate may not have every qualification, but if they have a broad range of solid skills, they may be the best choice. An expert who will cause personal strife or shirk responsibility is not a solid investment, regardless of their area of specialization.

Technical knowledge and more general skills are both important. Try to achieve a workable balance without risking quality.

Consider Job-Specific Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

A personality or skills assessment can highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and suitability of every potential employee. Pre-employment assessment testing targeted to examine candidates’ skills based on the requirements of a job are especially useful and among the best available.

A job-specific assessment test targets the qualities most important to a particular role. This is an excellent choice if you’re unfamiliar with the position.

Ask for Clarification

Check with someone who is familiar with the specialized position’s requirements. Have them look over the job description and review your notes after the interview.

Filling a position that requires specialized knowledge doesn’t have to be daunting. Consult with knowledgeable employees, do a little research, and consider enlisting the help of a pre-employment assessment testing service. Expert recruiters can offer you job-specific tests that will help you find great employees and grow your business.

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