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Leadership IQ conducted a study of nearly 20,000 businesses. They determined 46% of all new hires fail within their first 18 months. 89% fail for attitudinal reasons.

How important is it for new hires to fit into company culture and work well with management? Attitude issues in the workplace can hurt team moral and drain management time and energy. Eventually, destructive behavior drives away top producers and customers. The Hire Talent’s Behavioral Aptitude and Ability Assessment Tests both measure attitude and related attitudinal traits by using a variety of attitude test questions designed to uncover potential red flags.

Behavioral problems in the workplace represent the vast majority of poor hires, and should be investigated thoroughly prior to hiring any candidate. Our pre employment attitude assessment test is a reliable tool for uncovering these potential problems before they arise.

Core traits (negative and positive) measured on our pre employment attitude inventory assessment include:

  • Honesty
  • Blame
  • Dishonesty
  • Unsupportive
  • Critical
  • Negativity

Some examples of how our pre employment attitude assessment test has identified attitudinal problems:

  • One client hired a bookkeeper with a high dishonesty trait. This person came highly recommended, but after about a year of employment, this person embezzled a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • Another client hired a hot shot sales person. He tested high for blame, unsupportive and overall high in attitude problems. This guy could sell like nobody’s business, but after about 18 months of employment, this person left the company and started a competing business, taking several of the company’s best employees with him.
  • A client hired a manager who tested high in negativity, blame, dishonesty and unsupportive. This person quickly turned over 35% of the staff under him, and failed to produce results. After 24 months of this destructive behavior, our client finally fired this person, and then faced a frivolous wrongful termination suit.

These are all real life examples of how our pre employment attitude assessment test predicts problem generator behavior prior to employment. There are many more examples of good-natured employees who have been hired using our assessment tests; who have gone on to have long, productive careers with our clients.

Leadership Abilities

Our leadership assessment tests measure for skills that managers, supervisors, CEOs and presidents of companies have developed that make them such effective leaders. Measuring these abilities, along with leadership aptitude, is a powerful tool when hiring any level of management. In addition to the critical skills, our leadership assessment tests measure interpersonal abilities and sales abilities, as both are closely tied to the success of top performing leaders.

Combining attitude, leadership and behavioral measurements allows us to predict up to 90% chance of a good to great hire making our tools unique to the market place.

Check out a sample Leadership Assessment Ability Test report here and an Aptitude Test here.

For more information on hiring for attitude and learning to identify problematic attitudinal traits in candidates in the hiring process, check out our book “Hiring Talented Team Players: A Guide to Getting it Right.” In this text, we discuss extensively how to weed out those under performers with “bad attitudes” so you don’t end up making a poor hiring decision.

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