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We’re bringing you hiring and recruiting advice to help improve your hiring process. We want to help you learn to better attract candidates, write compelling, optimized job descriptions, source and recruit passive candidates, and hire the best talent available on the market today.

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laptop with a graph image on it

Applicant Tracking Systems, AI, and the Future of Recruiting

Share List In this episode, we sit with the pioneer of Applicant Tracking Systems, Art Pereless, and discuss the future…

On Empathy and People First with Jason Adler

Share List In part 2 of this episode we discuss the concept of the identity iceberg, and how our sense…

Business people waiting for job interview.

Core Beliefs, Soft Skills, and Recruiting Talent with Jason Adler

Share List In part 1 of this episode we discuss core values and beliefs about one’s capabilities and skills and…

Two business people sitting at a desk having a conversation

Why the Best Leaders are Culture Driven with John Waid

Share List In this episode, we sit down with John Waid who hones in on the importance of building a…

Two business people sitting at a desk having a conversation

Combining Human Soft Skills + Business Strategy to Increase Business Outcomes with David Meyerowitz

Share List In this episode we discuss how to add the human touch and soft skills, combining with a well-thought…

Woman standing in front of two others who are sitting down, discussing an idea

Best Hiring Practices, Communication, and Speaking the Language of Your Candidates with Susan Bellows

Share List In this episode, we sit down with Susan Bellows of Susan Bellows and Associates to discuss best hiring…

Two employees sitting next to each other discussing something

Ep. 11: Why New Hires Fail

Share List Hiring a new employee is an exciting time for a business, but, failing to implement best hiring practices…

Creative Recruitment Marketing That Makes Great People Apply ft. Katrina Kibben of Three Ears Media!

Share List We teamed up with Katrina Kibben from Three Ears Media for this episode of The Hire Talent Podcast. …

Analyzing hiring trends

Ep. 10: The True Cost of Hiring Employees (and How Not to Burn Money)

Share List Hiring new employees costs businesses money, from the downtime of having a vacancy, to the people who are…

Guy sitting a desk typing on his laptop and talking on cell phone.

Ep. 9: Does Your Candidate Leave the Toilet Seat Up? The Importance of Checking A Candidate’s References

Share List Checking references is your goldmine for verifying a potential employee’s performance and fit for your job. In a…

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