Learn how your employees and candidates:

  • Demonstrate personality traits specific to top performing sales people
  • Extroverted and assertive in sales situations
  • Prefer to work in people oriented job roles


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"Swear by their pre-employment assessments. I'm learning to NOT hire without using these tests and trusting them completely. If you're looking for the top candidates, this will certainly help weed out those not in the higher tiers"  - 5/5 star verified Trustpilot review

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Use the Sales Personality test to select the candidates who were born to be sales people. They display the exact traits of top performing salespeople.

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Our Sales Personality test analyzes your candidate's personality fit for a sales role and predicts on the job success.

Measure overall sales personality fit

Assess specific traits seen in top performing sales people

Select candidates that enjoy working in sales

Avoid costly mishires (0.5x to 2x annual salary on average)

Send assessments at your discrepancy with our online portal

In depth sales personality trait assessment

Click a link and take the test, no confusing logins

Easily interpreted test results

Free hiring consulting on assessment analysis and best use

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How it Works

Step One

Send candidates or existing employees a testing link via our easy to access online portal

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Check the assessment results on the online portal or receive them directly to your email inbox.

Step Three

Identify your top performers and make the best hiring decisions.