Skills Assessment Tests

What Skill Testing Will do for Your Organization:

  • Your New Hires will Have the Neccesary Skills for the Job on Day 1

    Identify the skills that are most crucial for the job position and select your test.

    Select candidates who score well and never find yourself with an unprepared hire again.

  • Save Countless Hours - Only Spend Time with the Best Candidates

    Adminster a skill test as the first step in your hiring process to screen out initial candidates.

    Move the top performers into the next hiring stage and spend your time with the most valuable candidates.

  • Avoid Misleading and Innacurate Information

    The pressure to stand out for candidates is immense so its no surprise that 85% of resumes include some sort of lie, exaggeration, or embellishment in their resumes.

    While we can't blame candidates for doing this, employers also can't stand around and do nothing.

    Our skill-testing provides you with unbiased data points on the hard skills your new hires need to succeed.

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Tired of Seeing a List of Skills on a Resume, Only to Find out the Opposite is True?  

Assess Candidates on 10+ Hard Skills

Skill Assessment Test

Our Skill Testing Options:

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail Skill Test

Find Candidates Who Consistently Avoid Costly Detail Errors and Provide Error Free Work

The Attention to Detail Test measures a candidate’s ability to match sets of data with another set, checking for nuances, slight variations, or discrepancies among the data sets.

Learn More About Our Attention to Detail test

Data Entry
Call Center
Computer Literacy
MS Word
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