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3 Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing to Help You Hire Better

Just like anything else, not all business leaders agree on pre-employment testing; some think it’s a necessity while others have negative ideas about it. This makes sense considering people are often unaware of the benefits and legality of assessments.

From a legal standpoint, assessments are simply in depth interview’s; it’s legal in the United States if it’s not used to discriminate. An obvious example of testing discrimination is if an employer gives Bob a math test even though he’s applying for a typist position. When Bob fails, the employer can say he wasn’t good enough, despite math not being a skill required for executing the responsibilities of the job.

Benefit #1

When used correctly, pre-employment testing enables the hiring manager to evaluate the candidates’ behavioral aptitude and core abilities, helping to determine if they are a good fit for the position and their company. More specifically, the right assessments can help you objectively evaluate qualities that aren’t apparent during the interview process and feedback from references.

Benefit #2

Testing prior to making a hiring decision can also shed light on which candidate has more of the intangible qualities needed to be successful in a position once you have narrowed the field to a few top candidates.

Benefit #3

Companies can test candidates for a variety of qualities, including cognitive abilities, people skills, basic work skills, physical and motor abilities, personality, emotional intelligence, potential behavioral problems, language proficiency and integrity. Additionally, drug testing and background checks can be included as part of the pre-employment selection process.

Specifically, at The Hire Talent, we offer assessments measuring work behavioral aptitude, emotional competencies, people skills, individual contributor abilities, sales abilities, leadership qualities and core job-related skills.

Here are three examples of how pre-employment testing has helped managers make the right hiring decisions:

1. When searching for a client-facing project manager, Kate found two very qualified candidates with extensive experience as project managers. Kate had an issue with a past project manager who was really great at paying attention to detail, but was awkward and uncomfortable when dealing directly with the client. She gave both candidates people skill tests and discovered that one person had an analyzer/logical personality, but lacked in social skills and the ability to deal with people effectively. She was able to hire the right candidate who would be comfortable communicating with the client, and didn’t make the same mistake twice.

2. David needed a strong long-form writer who could work independently for long periods of time without needing a regular check-in from his boss. He requested writing samples from a select group of candidates. One set of articles stood out, but he decided to test everyone to double check for behavioral and cultural fits. The best writing sample came from someone who scored very poorly on reading; with further review, David realized writing samples missed some of the key qualities allowing his copy writers to be successful while the assessment tests provided an accurate depiction of weaknesses. David also confirmed from assessment testing the candidate was much more effective with frequent check-ins and a very hands-on manager. He was able to avoid making the wrong decision with the help of pre-employment testing.

3. As a small business owner, Jack was very particular about his employees being industry experts as well as career developers. As his company expanded, Jack needed someone in-house who could dedicate part of their day to developing the junior staff professionally to prepare for the company’s projected growth spurt. He committed to using pre-employment testing and quickly found that his gut feeling about one of the front-runners was true: he was very critical, which would not be a good quality for someone who should be coaching the junior staff as they tried to learn and grow.

The examples above are merely three of many ways pre-employment testing has helped companies hire the best possible candidates. These assessment tests are a great way to look deeper into a candidates potential verses relying on a resume or rehearsed interview.

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