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How Testing For Skills Saves More Than Just a Bad Hire

Testing for candidate skill set can save you more than just a bad hire down the road. If you are hiring for a highly skilled or unique position, chances are that it requires a skill set one must have to get the job done successfully. Consider implementing relevant skill tests to measure for various candidate competencies before hiring to save yourself time and money in the overall process.

Saving Time

Testing to measure a candidate’s hard skills during your hiring process allows you to save time down the road by validating and ensuring your new hire has the skills that you want and need in your position. You don’t have to wonder and wait for this to be validated until the candidate is on the job for a few months before you’re able to see just how good they are at writing. Testing them beforehand lends you this insight before you commit. Utilizing pre-hire testing also lends insight into the level at which your candidate can perform specific tasks.

A great way to save even more time by using a skill test is to automate the process. If you decide to send every applicant a test, you can make sure that you’re only moving forward with those candidates who pass your assessments at the level you want.

Saving Money

Imagine a scenario: you’ve found a great candidate who looks great on paper and does well in your interview rounds. A few months in, you start to notice this person struggling with some basics of the position, like implementing a new technology, computer skill, or a tasks that calls for detail orientation.

Utilizing a skill test pre-hire will allow you to filter out these candidates, who otherwise look great but don’t have the right skills you’re looking for. If candidates are unable to complete an assessment you assign them with a certain level of proficiency, at the very most you are out the cost of the test as opposed to being out 4 months of a hiring process and already thousands of dollars in lost wages and time spent.

Skill tests are great for screening candidates because they provide direct evidence of a candidate’s ability to complete similar tasks that would be asked of them on the job. If they struggle in the test, chances are that they’re similarly struggle while on the job.

Summing It All Up

Assessing candidates in your hiring process ultimately saves you time and money down the road. Whether you decide to test every applicant that comes your way, or only those you’ve decided to move onto the next phase in the process, you know that whoever you do hire meets your basic minimum skill or competency requirements.

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