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Core Beliefs, Soft Skills, and Recruiting Talent with Jason Adler

In part 1 of this episode we discuss core values and beliefs about one’s capabilities and skills and how that relates to the process of achieving goals. Other topics and questions we ponder include: Are resumes becoming obsolete? How can we verify the information presented is correct and truthful? How are referrals used to recruit

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Why the Best Leaders are Culture Driven with John Waid.

In this episode, we sit down with John Waid who hones in on the importance of building a strong company culture, stating, “the best leaders are culture driven.” We talk about how to create a purposeful culture and how to align our hiring of candidates who re already living the values and type of culture

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Two business people sitting at a desk having a conversation

Combining Human Soft Skills + Business Strategy to Increase Business Outcomes with David Meyerowitz.

In this episode we discuss how to add the human touch and soft skills, combining with a well-thought out business strategy to influence positive business outcomes.  David Meyerowitz is a strategy, business, and finance consultant, and the CEO of Select Strategy, who helps businesses realize greater capital and profit from implementing performance management practices.  If

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Ep. 11: Why New Hires Fail

Hiring a new employee is an exciting time for a business, but, failing to implement best hiring practices like clearly defining expectations and performance objectives, can leave both you and the candidate with something to be desired from the relationship. We outline everything you need to know before hiring new employees so you have the

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Ep. 10: The True Cost of Hiring Employees (and How Not to Burn Money)

Hiring new employees costs businesses money, from the downtime of having a vacancy, to the people who are involved with spending their time trying to fill the position by screening and hiring a new candidate. Hiring employees who don’t work out can cost up to 10% of that employee’s annual salary, so it’s crucial that

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Ep. 8 An In-Depth Look at The Power Interview Guide

The Power Interview Guide is a 30-minute review of your candidate’s past work history and accomplishments that allows you to learn about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a candidate in a timely manner. The guide provides a repeatable and objective method to follow for interviewing any candidate for any position and industry so

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Ep. 6: Why Hiring Interns is Good for Business

On today’s episode we discuss the benefits of putting interns to work at your company and how this work experience helps push business objectives forward while providing an intern with an invaluable real-world work experience. Download the transcript and read more about it here.

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Ep. 5: Offering Health Benefits to Employees: Pros and Cons

 Health benefits…to offer or not to offer? That is the question on the minds of many business owners. In this episode, we discuss the benefits (pun intended) of offering your employees health insurance. You can also check out and download the transcript here. If you love it, be sure to share it with your network.

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Ep. 4: Creating a Killer Talent Pool

In this episode, we discuss how to create a talent pool that allows you to both actively and passively source candidates for your positions. We start with creating a real clear job description, differentiating that from your desired candidate profile, and having a really super duper powerful job advertisement that attracts A players. Read the

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Ep. 3: Writing Your Job Ad

In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of creating your job advertisement. This piece of content should be focused on marketing your job opportunity to your ideal candidates. You can download the entire transcript of Episode 3’s Writing Your Job Ad here.

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