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3 Ways to Make Checking References Easier

Reference checking is an important part of the hiring process as it allows you to clarify your prospective employee’s performance and significant achievements with someone they worked for previously. But getting the reference can be kind of a drag; you have to reach out to the reference, sometimes by phone and email to increase your odds of getting a response, and then wait sometimes several days playing phone and email tag for them to return your call, only to learn that they don’t provide references because it’s against company policy. What?

Here’s how to avoid the misery of checking references, but still get them anyway:
1. Have your candidate set it up

Checking their references shouldn’t come as a surprise to your candidates. This is a topic that should be discussed in your first interview with them, so they know it’s part of your screening process. Once they agree that they can get a reference from their past supervisors, have them reach out to confirm and inform the reference that you’ll be contacting them.
2. Use an automated tool

Using an automated reference-checking tool like ReferenceHunter eliminates you having to do any manual back and forth task that is typically involved in the process of checking a candidate’s references, which allows you to cut down on your time to hire and reduce the probability that your candidate will be poached or drop out of the process.

The tool collects the references information then attempts to contact them via phone, email, and text, allowing them to provide confidential feedback to you, without the candidate knowing what is said, at their convenience and in a way that is easiest and most comfortable for them.
3. See #2. Just Kidding. Not really, but really…Plan it out

Even though ReferenceHunter comes equipped with pre-made questionnaires that you can use for asking questions of your candidate’s references, you can also always use your own if you have them. Having a planned questionnaire that you want to ask of references allows you to be more organized and gain the most insight out of the reference that will help you in making your hiring decision.

Checking references doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with a handful of tools at your disposal to make the process easier. We have tons of resources and guides for hiring and interviewing too. 

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