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Skills Assessment Tests

How many times have you seen “attention to detail”, “strong logic”, or any other in-demand buzzwords on a resume only to find out the opposite is true once you hire? Skills assessment tests measure hard skills and other competencies so you can depend on hard data when hiring. Our tests allow you to quickly assess candidates for a variety of skills to ensure they meet your requirements. Skill tests prevent key hiring mistakes. Attempting to accurately gauge which candidates truly have the skills to do a great job through an interview or reading a resume is extremely difficult. Did you know 85% of candidates lie on their resumes? Our skills tests give reliable insight into a prospective employee’s abilities where other methods simply cannot. 


The quality of having good attention to detail, for example, is beneficial to almost any job and is a requirement for administrative positions. However, not all employees have this quality. By using skill tests for specific traits you know bring success to a position, you can rely on quantifiable data to make hiring decisions, and have consistent results from your hiring. Not to mention skill tests will save you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Hiring decisions made only on gut feelings, short interviews, and reading resumes oftentimes leads to bad hires. And considering one bad hire cost 0.5 to 1.5 times annual salary, you want to do everything in your power to avoid it.

To make sure a candidate is an expert in the skills that bring your business success or you to double-check a candidate’s claims, get a Free demo & trial of our skill tests.

Attention to Detail Test

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Administrative and Technical level
  • Great for measuring candidate ability to follow directions and pay attention to detail
  • 10-20 min long

Attention to Detail Reports

Management Styles Test

  • Measure knowledge of leadership skills
  • Assess management styles
  • 5-10 min long

Management Styles Report

Sales Skills

  • Measure sales skills such as:
  • Interacting with a prospect
  • Communication styles and tone
  • Closing skills

Sales Skills Test Report


Assess telemarketing skills such as:

  • Assertiveness, friendliness, persistence
  • Tonality, marketing savvy, closing ability

Telemarketing Test Report

MS Office Suite

  • Assess understanding of MS Office software with the following interactive, “work-as-you-go” type tests
    • Excel Test
      • Measure Excel proficiency
      • Basic, Intermediate, Expert levels available
    • PowerPoint
      • Measure ability to work with PPT presentations
      • Outlook
        • Assess ability to use the Outlook platform
      • Word
        • Gauge proficiency in using MS Word program

MS Office Suite Sample Tests

Computer Literacy

  • Assess knowledge of general IT functions, Windows files, drives, programs, and database
  • Interactive, work-as-you-go style test
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Expert level
  • 20 min test

Computer Literacy Sample Test

Call Center Test

  • Assess candidate’s ability to prioritize the most appropriate response to a customer service request in a call center setting.
  • Multiple choice 10 questions
  • 15 min. Test

Proofreading Test

  • Identify and correct errors in from a provided text
  • Interactive, work-as-you-go style test

Data Entry

  • Alphanumeric fields
  • Measure speed and accuracy
  • Interactive, work-as-you-go style test

Speed Typing

  • Measures efficiency and accuracy
  • Audio and Copy Typing formats available
  • 5 min test

Reading Comprehension Test & Writing Test

  • Assess grammar, vocabulary, and figurative language
  • Word context and logic
  • 10-15 min test

Reading & Writting Comprehension Sample Tests

Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving Test

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative, outside of the box problem solving
  • Mechanical ability and understanding
  • 5-10 min test

Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving Sample Test

Math Assessment

  • Simple and complex levels available
  • Assess ability to perform mathematical functions
  • 10-15 min test

Simple & Complex Math Sample Tests

Numerical Reasoning

  • Algebraic equations, number sequences, lateral thinking, numerical comprehension
  • 30 questions
  • 30 min test

Numerical Reasoning Sample Test Report

Outplacement Services

While the world is on pause your employees lives are not. We offer Human and compassionate outplacement services so your employees will feel cared about and taken care during these tough times.

Save your business and earn employee trust during the COVID-19 crisis.

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