4 Considerations for Improving Company Culture

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Several employees of a company sitting around a table discussing ideas and talking lightheartedly.

Throughout history, the most successful businesses have in common a solid sense of “who we are,” and, “how we do things.” We call this uniformity of purpose and commitment to certain core values a company culture. Investopedia.com, defines corporate culture as, “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle … Read More

6 Ways HR Execs Can Improve Their Business

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Top management of every company knows how important the human resources department is. This department represents the connective tissue tying all other departments together. However, despite this fact, HR is often underutilized or plainly overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be so. Like all other managers, HR executives can have an enormous impact on the … Read More

Creating Job Advertisements 101

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Creating a job advertisement that's attractive to top talent

Job ads are the first impression your company makes upon a potential candidate. You have two options: It’s like walking into a restaurant that you’ve wanted to try for a long time only to find a huge roach running across the floor vs. walking into the same restaurant and finding the ambiance calming, the decor … Read More

Interviewing for Attitude Issues: 6 Steps

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Woman shaking hands with a prospective employer during a first meeting interview.

Attitude is one of those things that oftentimes get by interviewers in the interview phase. Candidates are on their best behavior in an interview and so it’s not always easy to spot red flags or areas of concern. Mark Murphy wrote a terrific book on interviewing for attitude, which I highly recommend. His company, Leadership IQ conducted … Read More

4 Reasons Mediocre Employees Are The Worst ????????

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stressed out employee staring at her computer

Why are mediocre employees are the worst hires? Because if you fill your company with employees who are just average, soon enough your organization will become mediocre and flat line. If you’re like most employers, you’ll stew over whether firing these types is the right thing to do, especially because they didn’t really do anything … Read More