3 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Can Reveal Red Flags

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Bundle of matches catching fire from other lit matches.

Recent incidents of violence around the country remind us of the fact that people can have dark qualities to their personalities. Those tendencies can hamper performance on the job and interpersonal relations within an organization. Aptitude tests can help uncover potentially threatening or relevant information about a candidate’s attitude as part of the interview process. … Read More

Should You Talk Politics in the Office This Fall?

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Picture of a rally of protesters holding up signs and demonstrating.

With the midterm elections around the corner, it can be tempting to vent around the water cooler or over Slack about the latest political turmoil. But, is that really what’s best for your company culture and work environment? There are sharp divides between Republicans and Democrats on seemingly every issue, but people from all backgrounds … Read More

A Ted Talk Discussing Givers and Takers

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Well, which is it? Are you a giver or a taker? This particular issue of “Givers” vs. “Takers” is one we grapple with everyday for clients. We all love the “Givers” but struggle to help them reach their optimal effectiveness.  The “Takers” sometimes seem like rock stars to later discover a tremendous amount of damage and … Read More

How NOT to Lose an Introvert in 10 Days

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A map of an introvert's brain.

  Ahh, introverts… The cubicle-loving, corner-hiding, leave-me-alone-to-do-my-work-in-the-dark-without-having-to-talk-to-people introvert. Balancing the management and leadership of different personalities in the workplace can be a challenge for some managers, perhaps especially those whose personalities or behavioral aptitudes are much different from their employees. Introversion 101 Introversion, a term popularized by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, is a component of personality … Read More

5 Steps You Can Implement to Encourage Idea Sharing At Work

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Employee in front of a team, sharing ideas and presenting on sticky notes

  Idea sharing is the process of collaborating and brainstorming with others about a topic or regarding a shared problem. In the workplace it can be about developing new policies or working to improve old ones.You need to get the most benefit possible out of the talent you hire, and one way of doing this … Read More

What Does Body Language in Interviews Tell Us About a Candidate?

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Body Language in Interviews Body language is a favorite topic in business coaching. It is constantly cited as an overlooked way to both improve our image, how we present ourselves to others, and how we evaluate others. But here’s the thing- most of us don’t overlook body language; we just project and absorb it subconsciously. … Read More

6 Signs to Recognize Good Personality Tests from the Bad

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  Business owners, HR professionals, hiring experts, and candidates often ask: Do pre-employment personality tests actually work? The key to making personality assessments work for you is to choose well-designed, thorough tests and bypass those that rely on unscientific and easily manipulated questions. Choose a strong, validated test to discover a candidate’s suitability – or … Read More