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Automated Reference Checking With Reference Hunter

A mishire that doesn’t work out can cost your business up to 5x the employee’s annual salary. SMBs are losing trillions each year to employee turnover, so it is crucial that your hiring decisions are done right the first time.

Checking candidate references before hiring  helps you eliminate any doubt or reservations about your potential new hires by verifying and validating a candidate’s experience and accomplishments.

This automated Reference Hunter goes to work for you in obtaining these candidate references so you can avoid the manual process, eliminate bias, and reduce your time investment, which frees you up to direct your energy on other important aspects of your hiring process.


  • 10x more likely to gather critical candidate info due to ease of use 
  • Naturally eliminate bias with the ability to collect references confidentially
  • Improve hiring compliance by structuring the reference collection process


  • Create custom templates and questions
  • Schedule reference requests when it’s most convenient 
  • Reference’s feedback is delivered it to you in a nice neat package. 
  • Live notification of reference completions

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