Hire An Insider or Bring in an Outsider: That is the Question!

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When it comes to planning for the continuity of your business when you leave, it’s crucial that you not only have a succession plan in place to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible, you also need to hire an ideal candidate to replace you. Indeed, hiring your successor, and laying out a … Read More

3 Ways to Avoid Candidate Ghosting in Your Hiring Process

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Have you heard about ghosting? Ghosting is when one person in a two-way communication stops responding to the other. It’s increasingly common among relationships whose primary form of communication is through texting and online dating apps. Although the phenomenon started primarily with relationships and online dating, it has now spread to the workplace and happens … Read More

3 Performance Management Goals Your Team Will Actually Want to Complete

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It’s the start of a new calendar year, and halfway through the fiscal year for some organizations, which means it’s time to think about performance management goals. Performance management is a process by which employees and their supervisor set professional goals to be completed in a set period of time. Goals are usually a mix … Read More

Why the Government Shutdown is Great for Passive Recruiting

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The current U.S. government shutdown — the longest in history — has left more than 800,000 workers across the country without paychecks. While the government will eventually reopen, it does not look like it will happen anytime soon. Many people take jobs in the government because they perceive them to be more stable than the … Read More

This #1 Skill Makes the Best Employees

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One of the most sought after skills we hear about all the time from clients is critical thinking. Employers are more attracted to candidates who demonstrate a high degree of problem solving, creativity in their thinking, troubleshooting, analytical intelligence, and overall logic because these skills indicate a higher likelihood of success in any role. Pearson … Read More

Avoid Playing the Blame Game With Your Next Hire

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You know the conversation well. Employee rushes in late for the 8:00 am conference call. “Sorry I’m running late…” as he nearly drops his coffee across the conference room table, “traffic was a nightmare!” Isn’t traffic a nightmare, though? Sure it is. But do all employees rush in late because of it? Blame and Defensiveness … Read More

What Happens After You’ve Tested Your Candidates?

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You’ve been through why testing saves time and money, what types of assessments are available, and how to utilize testing tools to help you identify and select more qualified candidates for your positions…so what happens after all of this? What if you’re ready to make an offer? What if, after your thorough assessment of the … Read More

4 Ways To Leverage Technology To Retain Top Talent

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Recruiting and retaining talented employees is an integral cornerstone of a business’s strategy. With unemployment falling as low as 3.9 percent in recent months, the job market is more competitive than it has been in nearly two decades. This means that employers must be proactive not only during the hiring process but in retention efforts … Read More