Job Ads Vs. Job Descriptions

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In case you missed it! We are happy to provide you a free copy of our full eBook on how to write a job advertisement (that doesn’t suck) and get candidates to apply . This fact-filled guide offers you tips to create your own job ads, from thinking of yourself as a marketer to considering … Read More

A Brief Rant on Salary in the Interview Process

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Salary The question of when and how to set salary expectations can trip up even experienced employers and interviewers. Should you advertise salary outright? Should you wait until you’ve chosen the candidate? Are ranges better than a specific amount? Do you need a salary history from your candidates? As with any employment issue, there are … Read More

How to Panel Interview Like a Pro

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Conducting a panel interview the right way can yield great results. Why Conduct Panel Interviews? Panel interviews offer great benefits: – You have more reason to stay on track. As long as you have a basic plan to avoid confusion, the need to accommodate other interviewers – and perform well in front of them – … Read More

What is Taking So Long?! How a Slow Process Hurts Your Hiring Efforts

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Many factors affect the speed of the hiring process. Not all are in your control; everyone knows how suddenly we can get sidetracked. It is important to do all you can to keep an efficient pace. There is no exact number of weeks that suits every opening or company, but you must avoid excessively slow … Read More

9 Considerations For Creating Job Advertisements

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We’ve addressed the importance of considering the fitment of a candidate by looking at their potential from several perspectives. Here are a few others components that play a role in the selection of your candidate, and thus, in how you will create a job ad to attract new candidates. Skills, Education, and Experience Skills Skills, … Read More

How to Properly Fire an Employee

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Unfortunately, sometimes hires just don’t work out. Letting poor fit employees go can be extremely difficult and emotionally challenging. This article discusses the steps of firing and we offer several tips for firing an employee correctly. When Is It Time to Fire an Employee? Look for ways to avoid firing first. Address performance issues early … Read More

Hiring Older Workers

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Hiring older workers is a somewhat controversial issue in today’s business world. Because of the economic downturn, many older individuals are delaying their retirement or unexpectedly seeking new work. Employers recognize that extending job offers to older workers carries some unique risks. However, it also offers its share of rewards. There are both drawbacks and … Read More

4 Steps to Creating a Candidate Profile

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Creating the Candidate Profile Your candidate profile is an internal document that is essentially a list of qualities, characteristics, or past achievements that you want in a candidate. Creating a candidate profile is a highly-structured process. It involves expert line drawing skills across a piece of paper. With me so far? The end result should … Read More