4 Reasons to Utilize Panel Interviews

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Conducting a panel interview the right way can yield great results. When it’s a team effort, each person gains a different insight and perspective that can be helpful in making a final decision on a candidate. Why Conduct Panel Interviews? Panel interviews offer great benefits: – You have more reason to stay on track. As … Read More

Why We Really Interview Candidates

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have a brief conversation with a potential employee, ask them about themselves a little and take their word for it? Of course they are a strong closer. Why question it? Who needs to check references, anyway? She said she was a whiz at detail-oriented work and LOVES … Read More

Get Over Your Hiring Apathy in 4 Steps!

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As business leaders, we all claim to want the best talent on our team. We tout impressive benefits, great working conditions, and a strong desire to only staff our team with winners. It is no secret that bad employees not only drain company resources, they can also hurt sales efforts and damage relationships with internal and … Read More

The Drag of Hiring a Middle-of-the-Road Employee

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Just when you thought ‘lazy’ and ‘unprofessional’ were among the list of the worst employee characteristics, it turns out that ‘mediocre’ is really the worst characteristic you can encounter AND one of the most challenging hiring mistakes you can make. Why? Because the mediocre employee is disengaged. In fact, a study by Gallup revealed that … Read More

Why You Should Test for Attitude Before Hiring

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Pre-employment testing is good for a handful of reasons; it allows you as the employer to determine whether your potential candidate has the necessary skills to do the job. It also allows you to understand more about your candidate’s personality and behavioral preferences- are they shy and reserved? Do they tend to be the life … Read More

15 Steps to Becoming a Great Boss

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Here’s our top 15 picks for what makes a great boss: You understand that your employees make up a great part of the success of you and your company. -Failure to understand that your employees have a valuable contribution toward your own or your company’s success is a recipe for disaster. Failure to recognize that … Read More