Here are the Perks Top Talent Really Wants


You don’t necessarily have to offer every Friday off, free car washes, and a Starbucks on site to attract top talent, though that certainly helps… Check out our feature in Wonolo’s blog article titled, “36 HR Pros & Business Leaders Reveal the Best Employee Perks to Entice Top Talent.” Here’s what we had to say: … Read More

6 Ways to Win At Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is so important for a business because it influences employee productivity, boosts your bottom line, and increases a sense of well-being among workers, with brings with it the added bonus of overall lower healthcare costs. It’s a win-win for everyone. What does employee engagement look like and how is it fostered? A common … Read More

Critical Thinkers Make the Best Employees

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Big surprise, huh? On of the most sought after skills we hear about all the time from clients is critical thinking. Employers are more attracted to candidates who demonstrate a high degree of problem solving, creativity in their thinking, troubleshooting, analytical intelligence, and overall logic because these skills indicate a higher likelihood of success in … Read More

What Happens After You’ve Tested Your Candidates?

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You’ve been through why testing saves time and money, what types of assessments are available, and how to utilize testing tools to help you identify and select more qualified candidates for your positions…so what happens after all of this? What if you’re ready to make an offer? What if, after your thorough assessment of the … Read More

Help Us Pick Our Next Logo!

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Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that we are on the brink of launching our very own applicant tracking system (ATS), RapidRecruit, that will allow clients to manage, communicate, organize, AND organize all of their Hire Talent assessment tests into the ATS, making the pre-hire assessment process (and everything else, really) a breeze! We’d like … Read More

Three Considerations For Your Candidate Selection Strategy

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You have great candidate lined up for your open Project Manager role that you’re really excited about. In fact, you’ve even interviewed her, had her complete your pre-employment assessments, and are ready to move on to reference checks when your top-performer salesperson announces that his friend, an established Project Management professional has just relocated from … Read More

What Types of Assessments Are Right For Your Business?

StephanieCandidate Selection Process Strategy, Closing the Deal with Candidates, Finding Top Quality Candidates, News, Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

There are several types of assessments to choose from, and just as many purposes to use them for.  We already know that pre-hire testing helps improve your selection process, provides valuable insights to evaluate internal promotional opportunities, and helps identify areas of employee growth or improvement that can be used for coaching. Using assessments has … Read More