This #1 Skill Makes the Best Employees

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light bulb within a thought bubble on a chalkboard signifying an idea or something clever.

One of the most sought after skills we hear about all the time from clients is critical thinking. Employers are more attracted to candidates who demonstrate a high degree of problem solving, creativity in their thinking, troubleshooting, analytical intelligence, and overall logic because these skills indicate a higher likelihood of success in any role. Pearson … Read More

Avoid Playing the Blame Game With Your Next Hire

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You know the conversation well. Employee rushes in late for the 8:00 am conference call. “Sorry I’m running late…” as he nearly drops his coffee across the conference room table, “traffic was a nightmare!” Isn’t traffic a nightmare, though? Sure it is. But do all employees rush in late because of it? Blame and Defensiveness … Read More

What Happens After You’ve Tested Your Candidates?

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You’ve been through why testing saves time and money, what types of assessments are available, and how to utilize testing tools to help you identify and select more qualified candidates for your positions…so what happens after all of this? What if you’re ready to make an offer? What if, after your thorough assessment of the … Read More

4 Ways To Leverage Technology To Retain Top Talent

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Recruiting and retaining talented employees is an integral cornerstone of a business’s strategy. With unemployment falling as low as 3.9 percent in recent months, the job market is more competitive than it has been in nearly two decades. This means that employers must be proactive not only during the hiring process but in retention efforts … Read More

The Secret Weapon for Finding the Perfect Candidate

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Two young employees sitting across from an older gentleman at a cafe who looks to be interviewing for a job.

There’s a lot riding on a job interview — for the candidate and the employer. Both parties need to evaluate whether or not the candidate will be a good fit for the position and the organization, which is always easier said than done. Even defining the term “fit” can be difficult. In the end, it … Read More

4 Ways to Win at Passive Recruiting

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Creating a job advertisement that's attractive to top talent

Passive recruiting is the act of targeting individuals who aren’t in the job market or currently looking for employment. To find the talent you need, you may want to engage in this type of recruitment, but it takes some skill. Because these candidates aren’t actively seeking work, they are harder to find and more difficult … Read More

3 Benefits Your Employees Really Want

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Employees huddled around a desk collaborating on a project.

With unemployment continuing to hover below four percent, the competition to attract and retain quality talent is higher than ever. Salary and company culture go a long way toward hiring and retaining quality talent, but employee benefits count for more than you might think, especially in a tight job market. If you own or manage … Read More

What the Latest Jobs Numbers Mean for Your Hiring

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Person typing on a computer with facts and statistics.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its November jobs report last week and the signals are mixed about what the numbers mean for the overall health of the economy and the employers who comprise it. Let’s take a few minutes to review the numbers and what they might mean for your hiring as we close … Read More

Your Candidate Selection Strategy: 3 Considerations

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Choosing between two or more great candidates isn’t a terrible problem for a business owner to have. 1. Previous Performance One way we evaluate candidates is by looking at their past performance to determine if they’ve successfully navigated the challenges of their previous position with ease. Did they learn from their challenges and were they … Read More