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The 7 Stages to an Optimized Hiring Process

Our 30 Years Helping Hundreds of Businesses Hire the Best Talent
Has Proven that this Hiring Processes Consistently Produces Top Performers.

The Spatial Reasoning Test | What You Need to Know

Spatial reasoning (sometimes called spatial intelligence) is the mental ability to think about objects in three dimensions or transform 2D…

hr assessment tools the hire talent

15+ HR Assessment Tools to Use from Us this Year

In pre-employment testing, HR assessment tools play a crucial role in screening candidates, differentiating between them, and selecting the ones…

leadership assessment

9 Leadership Assessment Tools for Recruiters and CEOs

If you remember, from last week, we promised a sequel to our guide on leadership and leadership skills. Today, we…

leadership skills companies want in employees

40+ Leadership Skills All Companies Want to Hire For [+ Lists]

What makes a good leader? What leadership skills must one demonstrate to climb the professional ladder? On top of that,…

types of popular personality tests

5 Popular Personality Tests and Their Use in Pre-Employment Assessment

“What a charming personality he has! He must rock that customer service job!” “Her strong, result-oriented personality recommends her for…

multitasking testing for pre employment

The Multitasking Test: How to Find Superheroes

Is multitasking a strength or a weakness you need to find or rule out in candidates? On the one hand,…

what are teamwork skills

Using an Ability Test to Screen Candidates | All You Need to Know

In the pre-employment assessment practices, recruiters and companies use several abilities tests to understand a candidate’s potential to perform in…

testing integrity

Testing Integrity in Candidates: Are You Doing It Right?

All companies and organizations want to hire competent employees that show impressive knowledge, skills, and charming personalities. But how about…

hiring process introvert extrovert test

The Introvert Extrovert Test | Recruiting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

When you hire new employees, as a recruiter, you already have the hiring profiles, the interview questions, and a good…

employability skills list

Employability Skills: How to Hire the Best Candidates [+Lists]

Besides academic performance and relevant work experience, most companies and recruitment agencies look for specific employability skills when hiring new…

Sample Test - Section Six

AORCs – Empirical Investigation Whitepaper

Automated Online Reference Checks are also called (AORCs) Click here to get the white paper Automated Online Reference Checks: A…

customer service agent

50 Customer Service Interview Questions to Hire for Talent

The global health crisis had a heavy transformative hand on customer support services, upping the ante for big and small…