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Emotional Intelligence Competency

Emotional Intelligence, Competency, and Sales: Revealed in Two Powerful Assessments

Ever hired someone who seemed great in an interview but didn’t know how to handle people or complex problems on the job? Most application and interview questions are too abstract and sudden for candidates to show their true colors. When selecting well-­rounded candidates, finding those with the correct balance between the two is critical to business success.

Finding candidates with a blend of high Emotional Competency and Logic abilities should be the objective of every hiring manager. Hiring talented team members creates a foundation for your business’s success. Contact us for a demo to experience the impact our Ability Assessments can make on creating a strong human capital launchpad for higher productivity.

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Individual Contributor Roles

  1. InterpersonalUnderstanding human nature, how to deal with, motivate, and interact with people
  2. CommunicationUnderstanding how to effectively get ideas across to others. Likewise, understanding the dynamics of effective communication exchange
  3. LogicLike a mini IQ test, we gauge an applicant’s ability to think critically, problem solve, and make decisions

Sales Roles

  1. LogicWe measure an applicant’s ability to think critically, problem solve, and make quick decisions
  2. Interpersonal & CommunicationUnderstanding ones motivation and how to effectively communicate with others is paramount to a successful salesperson
  3. SalesUnderstanding various sales techniques like cold-calling, asking questions, and fact-finding is key

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