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Assessment Platform

Your own customized testing platform.

We figured that it makes more sense for you, as the client, to navigate and control the assessments you use, so we developed and designed our client portal that allows you to:

  • track candidate progress on assessments
  • request creation of company departments and subusers (with the ability to control access among each)
  • easily request creation of new testing links customized to your positions
  • easily request testing links be assigned to specific company departments
  • send testing reminders to candidates
  • provide feedback on hires and non-hires
  • track which candidates you’ve sent testing links to
  • provide feedback on how your new hires have performed on the job
  • access our toolbox of resources for recruiting, hiring, and pre-employment assessments
  • videos and tutorials
  • customized support every step of the way

All at your own pace!

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