Ability, Competency, and Personality
revealed in two powerful assessments

Ever hired someone who seemed great in an interview but didn’t know how to handle people or complex problems on the job? Most application and interview questions are too abstract and sudden for candidates to show their true colors.

  • Our assessments measure straight and to the point an applicant’s problem solving and people skills.

When selecting well-­rounded candidates, finding those with the correct balance between the two is critical to business success. Our Individual Contributor Ability test (IC Ability) measures these crucial people skills and cognitive abilities, further breaking these concepts down into individual traits to help you determine if a candidate is a potential a top performer.

  • These short, in­-depth assessments provide performance predictors, which are­ natural inclinations to exhibit certain traits that you can easily follow up on in interviews and on­-the-­job training.

The IC Ability test is quick and easy to use and will lessen the burden of your long­ term or unsure job requisitions.


View an example of our IC Ability sample report.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence:
Failure to understand customer or internal team members’ perspective’s in a highly collaborative environment can be costly. Team members must be able to put themselves in client’s, colleague’s and the company’s shoes in order to see business objectives and solutions from all points of view to better solve problems and drive the most critical business outcomes Emotional intelligence is classically categorized as one’s self awareness, awareness of how others think and feel, then being able to use that awareness to move others. Ultimately being able to empathize with others allowing the individual to see other’s perspective. Emotional Intelligence allows Customer service people, Administrators, project managers, business leaders to more effectively influence their clients and internal team members.

Have you ever observed an employee do the
exact opposite of the instructions provided to them? Remember the childhood game “telephone?”

Most people don’t mess up instructions given to them on purpose; they do it unintentionally because they misunderstood something in the directions or in the stream of communication.

We all want employees who are effective at dealing with others. Whether in a customer ­facing or individual contributor role, the ability to deal with people and understand how others will behave in a given situation is paramount to the success of those individuals on the job and when in front of your customers.

We measure:
Understanding human nature
Knowing how to deal with others
Customer service strengths
Coaching abilities
Solution selling
Confidence fear
Confront people

Excellent communication skills are a complex matter, finding employees who have them is critical to project successes, customer satisfaction and a great company culture. A candidate’s emotional intelligence steers their ability to communicate by allowing them to communicate from the other person’s perspective and effectively deliver the intended idea without missing a beat.

Critical Thinking and Logic

Do you need fast starters, problem solvers, and folks who can think outside the box, picking up new technologies and processing them lightning fast?

Employees who can troubleshoot problems in creative ways oftentimes serve as the fuel that propels your business forward. We’ve extracted some of the most highly correlated key measures from logic and IQ tests to determine whether candidates have these skills that will enable them to continue moving your business forward.

Another equally important component is a measure of a person’s cognitive thinking ability, broken down into logic and critical thinking abilities. Candidates who are high on the logic and critical thinking traits are more likely to be adept at figuring out problems, overcoming obstacles, and forethought. This measure lends insight into a person’s ability to think on their feet and problem solve by see out­of­the­box solutions to problems, which is a critical characteristic of top performers.

We measure:
          Recognize similar types of subtle details from dissimilar ones
Draw conclusions
          Figure out a complete picture from pieces of information
Unusual logic
          See outside of the box
          Come up with creative solutions to challenges

Hiring talent team members creates a foundation for your business’s success. Contact us for a demo to experience impact our Ability Assessments can make on creating a strong human capital launch pad for higher productivity.