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Assessment Library


What does each test measure?

Personality Assessments

Measure personality styles such as motivation and work ethic, work style, and integrity and attitude with our behavioral assessment.

Aptitude Test

Measure interpersonal skills, assess cognitive abilities, critical thinking and logical reasoning that contribute to candidate success on the job.

Skills Assessment Tests

Measure candidate hard skills for detail oriented, math, data entry, reading, computer and sales abilities.

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Personality tests are helpful in identifying the specific work style and characteristics of candidates that lend them to be a good behavioral fit for the role they’re in. Read more about Personality and Work Style Testing.

What do Personality Assessments measure? Find out

A study by American Institutes for Research recognizes aptitude testing as an excellent predictor of future performance that can uncover hidden talents, help reveal strengths and weaknesses, and provide a way to compare and assess performance and differences among individuals. Further, the Association for Psychological Science claims the better one’s scores on aptitude tests, the better they perform in future endeavors. Read more about Aptitude Testing.

What do Aptitude Tests measure? Find out

Skills assessment tests that measure hard skills and other basic competencies are helpful screening tools to use in your hiring process because they allow you to quickly assess candidates for a wide variety of skills across a variety of jobs to ensure they fit your basic needs. Learn more about Skills Assessments.

What do Skill Assessment Tests measure? Find out

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